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Last year the year 11 homeroom teachers and I started to look at the ways in which we could support students in difficulty (for whatever reason) especially with their academic work. With the new reporting structure and reports (with comments and grades) coming out earlier than they did last year I would like to put in place a formal system for students who do not seem to be doing well in the MYP and have them mentored/monitored by senior members of staff with the support of their Home Room teachers.
I would like to be able to start this after the break.
I hope that by doing this it might have an impact on the following:
·         Create an early warning system for students and parents about how they are doing in school and put appropriate measures in place to help students succeed
·         Pre-empt any possible “nasty surprises” that might appear in their reports
·         Prepare the students better for years 12 & 13